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Here’s what makes them really cool. They have the Latest Episodes of your Favorite TV Show such as The Walking Dead (TWD), Gotham, The Flash, Pretty little Liars (PLL), The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who (2005), Game of Thrones, Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and arrow. So example, today walking dead will be aired at 9:00 pm and will end at 9: 45 pm.. By 10:10 pm this episode will be completely watchable. I normally watch The Walking Dead on this website and so far it’s really good. Sometimes they get delayed but it’s alright because i knew that the episode will be up on the same day. Some of the Videos are not HD but i can assure that it is watchable. The website isn’t perfect but you could see that the website has been putted a lot of effort by administrators. The Design of website is simple so people won’t be confused on using the website. There are currently millions of users who enjoy enjoying their service. There are some alternative with stream tv but no one beats their awesome support. They are the only website that offers customer support. What are the Advantages of using those websites? Convenient – You don’t have to worry about being late with your favorite tv show, no more rushing to get home early so you won’t miss your tv shows. imagine controlling your time. Accessibility – Though not all are supported with Netflix and Hulu , you could simply use the streamtuner. Geological Location – Most of the TV Shows are not actually being aired in your country but is really popular. Most of the shows are exclusively for United States only but thanks to streamtuner for making all this tv shows available on all country. Commercials – I know yes, you are also tired of watching tv shows and being interrupted by commercials. Netflix , hulu and streamtuner cut those commercials off. Personal Experience on using those Websites I experienced using the 3 samples above and I ended up using the streamtuner because it’s free and having the latest episode.

There are hundreds of similar site of streamtuner but no one can actually get close to stream tuner’s performance. I’ve been using stream tuner for over 5 months now, I sometimes experience some minor problems but am quickly fixed by the customer support representative. They are also reachable in their Facebook Fan Page which is cool. They will entertain every single user who comment on their fan page just like every one’s idea is gold. If you’ve ever wanted to steam TV then you’ve come to the right place it’s never been so easy to stream tv on the internet right from where your sitting 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Never get left behind in your favorite tv program ever again.