Top 3 Handsets applications

Or Manager: Really helpful, the app allows you to flash the current plus the greatest Clockwork Mod recovery on your Android telephone. With Rom manager, you may quickly but correctly manage unique ROMs, organize backups for your systems, and set up ROMs from your SD card or even over-the-air.

HootMe (Screen Grabber): This Android app permits you to take screenshots of descargar whatsapp gratis or the smartphone screen without the best android apps need of requiring the Android SDK and the usual USB connection to a computer. The moment you open this app, you must give your Android device a sustainable shake or cry aloud to activate the screenshot And, that all. The “click” sound of a lens shutter will let you know when the screenshot has been taken. And, all these screenshots might be conveniently saved towards the ShootMe folder in your SD card and accordingly show up within the gallery. So, you can conveniently discover those screenshots whenever you need them.

AcheMate: Final but not the least, CacheMate is often an extremely valuable app to have within your Android telephone. This app enables you to free of charge up the internal memory by merely clearing the method cache in the already installed Android apps with just one particular click. The app also has an easy feature that helps you to schedule auto-clearing from the cache at pre-set time intervals. So, they are the 5 Android apps which you are able to ignore should you have a rooted Android device. In addition to assisting you in a number of ways, these apps normally unsure which you delight in using your android telephone!

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