Why you should print double sided leaflets

One issue which is often pondered by business owners who are seeking to carry out a flyer delivery campaign is whether they should print their leaflets on just one side or both sides. This article has a simple answer to that; you have 2 sides available so use them both!

It is a silly or perhaps naive to think that you can determine which side the flyer will land on once it’s put through a letterbox, – nobody can. If your leaflet is single sided printed and lands with the printed side face down on the doormat, you’ve already given a negative impression to the householder. Or even worse, the householder won’t even notice a “blank” piece of paper lying on their doormat. Your flyer delivery efforts could therefore potentially be wasted.

Most printing firms offer double side print for the just a very small amount more than single side print, and in most cases the prices are exactly the same, so cost shouldn’t be a problem. If as a business owner you only have enough information for one side then how about this, – print the same information on both sides! This means that no matter what side the leaflet lands on when delivered, your householder will always have a clear view of your advertising message. This means that your flyer delivery campaign will have a great chance of a higher response rate.